Thanks for your interest in A Sound Sensation. Celebrating your Anniversary helps you to bond and rediscover the reasons why you chose to marry each other in the first place. Make your next anniversary unforgettable, whether it’s 5, 10, 25, or 50 years together. Celebrate the happy and memorable days gone by with musical entertainment by A Sound Sensation.

Have fun reminiscing about all the events of your special day. We can provide music and details for any day from today all the way back to 1940. In fact, to make your day a little more unique, we can do a top ten song name that tune from the year you were married during dinner. It takes only 10 minutes and is a fan favorite at all our anniversary parties.

Your upcoming anniversary should be a cherished memory for you and your spouse, not a nightmare. We do much more than just play music and make announcements. So what can A Sound Sensation offer you? Here are some suggestions or details I can help you with.

If you would like, I can meet with you and your spouse in advance to discuss the details of your anniversary. At this meeting, we can work as a group to customize your anniversary to your own personal tastes and outline a schedule for your different activities. Your anniversary can resemble a laid back party or a formal occasion just like your wedding day.

I make all necessary announcements.

Before announcing you and your family, I make sure I have all the names pronounced correctly and also line up everyone if you want to make a grand entrance.

Should I announce any special guests?

How will you and your spouse be announced?

Will there be one or multiple toasts?

Will there be someone to say a blessing before the meal or should I do it?

Will it be a sit-down or buffet?

Do I call the tables?

Will the table centerpiece be given away? How?

Will birthdays/anniversaries be announced?

Should I take requests from the guests? What don’t you want played?

I coordinate your anniversary celebration and work with your caterer, photographer, videographer, and even your guests. This makes things go smoothly and also gives both of you a chance to enjoy your party with family and friends.

Why not have a theme party? Here are some creative entertainment ideas: For the twenty-fifth anniversary: a disco party. Enjoy a night of dancing to 70’s music including disco lights and fog. Invite your guests to wear platform shoes, bush/afro wigs, peace signs, beads, etc. For the fiftieth anniversary: a fifties sock hop. Invite guests to put on their poodle skirts, bobby socks, and letter sweaters.

Most important “we will provide you with a lot of ideas and will format your event the way you want it”. I’ll discuss these suggestions and many more during our meeting.