Our D.J.’s are very interactive and will come prepared to ensure all the kids/adults will have fun participating in the games listed below. We will sit down with you and plan your event from start to finish to ensure there is something fun happening all day.

Tug-O-War: We bring the 100 foot rope – you bring the muscle!

Big Foot Race™: This Adult Only will have you crying with laughter!

Water Relay Races: Great for hot days. Many variations of this one.

Three Legged Races: One of each persons leg in a sack or tie them together.

Limbo: With or without music, and prizes. Fun for all ages.

Simon Says: Kids still love this game. They keep asking to play again!

Spoon Race: Relay race requiring a steady hand.

Hot Potato: With or without music, we make this one fun for everyone!

Water Balloon Toss: We do all the filling, you do the throwing.

Egg Toss: Be sure to keep your mouth closed for this old favorite!

Pie Eating Contests: You supply the pies you eat and we organize the fun!

Any other games you can think of? Just ask us.